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Persian and Oriental Rugs: The Art Appreciation

People in the past were lovers of art and this can be proved by their creations which include the Persian and Oriental rugs.

The Richness of the Persian Rugs

The combination of the natural materials, handmade Persian rug, natural dyes, has turned to be a sign of peace of goodness since rug has posed patience and warmth in man, and the kindness of the human heart. The patterns and colors of it have nearly concluded the earliest traditions of wisdom and secrecy in the East.

These days, rug weaving is the most widespread handicraft in Persia which is now known as Iran. The Persian rugs, unlike any other area rugs, are known for their richness in color, a wide selection of patterns as well as in the design’s quality. Persian rugs are still crafted by hand until today and it is the practice of most people in different parts of the country and samples of these rugs include Baluch Rugs, Wiss Rugs, and Shiraz Rugs. These rugs are still effectively reflecting the rich art as well as the culture of the ancient Persia.

The Carpet Museum of Iran that can be found in Tehran is housing some of the greatest works of the ancient people, showing the history of rug weaving in Persia. The truth is that the history of Persian rugs includes various histories and that is because in Persia, there are various villages from various regions that formed histories of their own.

The Meaning at the Back of the Colors and Patterns of Oriental Rugs

Just like the Persian rugs, these rugs were also appreciated by a lot of people in the past. Each of the patterns, palettes and weaves of Oriental rugs are uniquely associated with the native culture and the weaving techniques used were specific to the identifiable nomadic tribe or geographic area. Usually, the most formal or floral the pattern, the more urban it means the region where it was weaved while the rugs with more geometric patterns are undeniably from a tribe. Those patterns that are distinctly flowing in one direction were actually designed as the “Prayer” rugs.

Every family of the weaves will place the elements in the design of rugs to record their own history. The color use has also added to the record. White for wedding, be it to indicate death, a famine or hunt, these elements are the ones that make Oriental rugs unique.

The Art of Weaving

This art comes with a long history that started from the prehistoric times. The leads of nowadays’ tradition of oriental rugs, were found in the prehistoric nomadic tribes in the West and Central Asia, wherein winter was a major reason for adopting the wool carpets as the shield to use against serious weather conditions.

People of the past times were the ones who bear the passion for using bare hands to come up with attractive creations. The elegance and beauty of both Persian and Oriental rugs has proved their expertise in the art of weaving.

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