The History of Persian and Oriental Rugs

The best and the most popular area rugs that you can find in the market today are the Persian and Oriental rugs. These rugs are believed to be used by a lot of people since the 5th century BC. This page will reveal to you the history of these rugs that will make you understand why many people today dream to have them in their homes. The upkeep of these rugs are critical as a carpet cleaning Atlanta uses for all rug care. The best tips can be found here at If you enjoy how things are made and where they come from, you will appreciate seeing these works of art receiving good care from your carpet cleaning to your indoor air quality says is known to enhance the overall fresh and complete aura of your styling. When you Unveiling the history of these rugs show the delicacy and care needed to create such masterpieces.

The History of the Oriental Rug

The art of rug weaving began in Iran during the ancient times, which was proved by the proofs as well as in the opinions of the scientists. The first documented proof on the appearance of the Persian carpets was written in Chinese text format dated back to the Sassanid period. The historical records are also showing that the Achaemenian court of Cyrus the Great at the Pasargade has been decked with sophisticated carpets. It was more than 2,500 years in the past. Alexander II of the Macedonia was believed to have been amazed by these carpets that he saw in the tomb region of Cyrus the Great at Pasargade.

The advanced technique of weaving that was used in the making of Pazyryk carpet was indicating a lengthy history of the evolution as well as the experience in this particular art. This carpet was known to be eldest carpet across the world today. The central field of it was a deep rd hue and it comes with 2 wide borders wherein one has been depicting deer while the other was a Persian horseman.

On the other hand, there were people who believe that the carpet isn’t likely a sort of nomadic product rather a product of the Achaemenid carpet manufacturing center. During the 6th century, those Persian carpets that are made of silk or wool gained popularity in the court circles all over the Middle East.

The History of the Persian Rug

To trace its history is to follow the path of the cultural development of one of the famous civilizations the glove has ever recognized. The Persian rug has been used as the entrance covering in order to secure the nomadic tribesmen from damp and cold. Later on, it was used by noblemen and kings and those people who were searching for signs of richness or adornment for beautiful buildings.

From the palaces, to famous buildings, houses of the riches and museums across the world, you will surely find that the Persian carpet is among the most treasured possessions. On the proof of fragments that were seen in the ancient Egyptian & Mesopotamian tombs, it was found out that there were different types of flat weaving that were developed for over 4000 years have passed.

In the history of either Oriental or Persian rug, other proofs do suggest that the weaving of the pile rugs started in the Middle East and in other portions of the central, eastern and northwest Asia long prior the 2000 BC.

Up until now, you will see the market flooded with a wide selection of Oriental and Persian rugs to choose from. Their importance in the past led them to eternal appreciation for generations.


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